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02 October 2010

Something Magnetic: Upcycled Bottle Caps

I am a hoarder. Throwing out anything with potential to be upcycled tears me to shreds. For years I've been stashing wine corks in clear vases, beer bottle caps in large bowls, and bath tissue rolls in baskets. It drives my charming husband nuts, and, to be honest, the clutter overwhelms me at times.

Solution: Upcycle Now.

Beer bottle caps don't take up much room. After a year of saving--maybe longer--I've only collected a half gallon bagful. That's roughly 200 bottle caps. My dear friend Cori's husband can make belts with them, but he's got a pretty large stash, too. And I can only use one bottle cap belt at a time. And I think my friend Mary keeps hers on display in her dining room. But I'm out of shelf space.

My Project Decision: I'm upcycling by making magnets for the fridge. I did have to buy magnets; however, I am very happy with this artistic project.

Materials: Beer Bottle caps, E-6000 glue, magnets, buttons, mod podge, dictionary pages, paint brushes, sharpie markers, and creative thinking. {the buttons give the magnets a lift, keeping the metal from scratching your fridge}

My favorite ones are the ones that spell Poet and the ones with cupcakes. What do you think? I'll have them for sale at the fair October 23rd at Fort Zumwalt High School in St. Louis.


  1. Great work :) Looks really nice!

    xo, Mel

  2. Great idea! We finally threw our bottle caps out after saving them and not being able to think of what to do with them. We also hoard pulpboard coasters--we actually decorated our coffee table with them and covered it with glass.


  3. Thank you so much for reading! I can't wait to see if any sell...

  4. I took me a while, but here I am!!
    We do have a ton of them and I'm not throwing any out either. I will have them for you, and will hopefully see you in the next couple weeks. These magnets are amazing!

  5. these look great! Hope you don't mind if I have a go too :)