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11 November 2012

{something healthy} living with less sugar

I should be jumping up and down, cheering for myself like I cheered for my baby brother at the NCAA Cross Country Regionals on Friday. I'm down 25 pounds. But I'm so not even close to feeling good. I'm so not close to zipping up my old jeans and mini skirts. And I need something public to get me going. Here's a try at that.

My sister Lissa gave up sweets for an entire year, much like I gave up buying something new. Sweets are my downfall, especially sweets in small packages after Halloween has been over for a few weeks. I tried to limit myself to one a day--my friend Dede eats one cookie every day, just one. I can't do that either.

But I think I can give up sweets until Thanksgiving (with the exception of one delicious brownie this Tuesday night). It might make the pecan and pumpkin pie more sweet. It might make it special to have an extra slice the morning after.

Keep me honest. What are your best healthy tips? How do you let your virtues outweigh your vices?


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