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03 November 2012

{something DIY in 1999} collage photo matte

I've been wanting to do this "series" for months now. And who knows when I will find the time to post everything. But I'm always thinking: If I'd had a blog when I was in high school, the mid-late-late 90s, I would have had tons of projects to post.

This is one of my favorite projects. I've always loved framing photos of my friends and family. And creative photo frames are still one of my favorite gifts to give. Just thinking about it, I think I have about five other DIY in 1999 frame ideas I created in high school or college.

This is the only one I still have--I gave it to Johnny very early on when we were dating. For the record, the 90s ended by that time. But I still like the sound of the series "DIY in 1999." I gave all the frames away to some of my sorority sisters and family members.

My first step in creating these personalized mattes was cutting up my magazine stash. I think that might be the first step in about half of my DIY in 1999 projects. I also kept the words I cut in color families--a stack of autumn tones for Johnny, a stack of lavenders and maroons for my sorority sisters, and a stack of greens for my sister sister. And I color coordinated with the matte. The words I chose were supposed to be reflective of our relationship. If I was creating one of these mattes again, circa 2012, I think I'd try to write a found poem with them. Maybe. And sometimes I think I should paint the frame gold or black. But then I think the wood reminds me of the time I created it, and I don't want to erase any of that.

This frame is still on display in our home. It's something I'll never let go of in a million years. If there was a fire, I would even rush downstairs to grab it before leaving the house. The photo on display right now is from New Year's Eve a few years ago. But beneath it is a stack of photos from over the years. I like that the past is hiding behind the glass.

What would you post if you'd had a blog in high school and college?!


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