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14 October 2012

{something past due}: hi

Photo by Cheryl M Photography
Johnny and I were driving around yesterday with the windows down listening to some Warren Zeevon hoping Penelope might catch a nap. And in the midst of our conversation, Johnny says: "You haven't posted a new blog in awhile."

Truth. Life these days is pretty packed--right now, I have very few things on my list: I nurse and cuddle and bathe Penelope; I catch a walk with the family; I study The Odyssey with my students; I grade papers; I cook, my new hobby; I snap photos with my iPhone; I catch an hour of Friday Night Lights; and I sleep. Oh. And I let go of something once a day {I'm on Day 44 now, and I've let go of 44+ things: it feels good}.

Typing it all out, it seems like I'm doing more than I thought. But compared to life just six months ago, I never realized how much I wasn't doing. So here's a blog post--a hope that I can post more later. And a note to know that if I don't, I'm happy enough knowing that the minutes I'm not spending on here are minutes I'm reading a book, blowing kisses, or singing old folk songs with Penelope Belle.


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  1. I know this feeling all to well. There's a lot to motherhood!!! Looks like you're finding the perfect balance though. Kudos to you.