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12 September 2012

{something celebrated} 29+2

Last year, I made a list to accomplish during my 29+1 year. We had a party with all of our closest friends and announced we were expecting Penelope.

This year, I'm not making any lists. And we're having a small party just the three of us at home, on a Wednesday evening, after supper.

I'm happy at 29+2. I'm happy I'm a mama. I'm happy to know we might take an evening walk.  I'm happy to know that we'll be sleeping in on Saturday. I'm happy that life is simple.


08 September 2012

{something pretty} blue butterflies at the zoo

Blue Butterfly photo by me:)
If butterflies could sing, I think they would belt out Beatles hits like "Let it Be" or "Blackbird," songs that could lull you to sleep or inspire a revolution depending on the moment. I think this is why I love butterflies. Watching them flutter and tiptoe just brings on that sense of wonder and amazement--this is  beautiful world. And we need to keep this world beautiful. The butterflies are doing their part, and this time they are reminding me to stop and land for a moment, to reflect on some simple thoughts, to breathe in what's important in this life. Thank you blue butterflies for your whispered words of wisdom. I'm trying every day to cherish the best and just let the rest be.


01 September 2012

{something let go} a september to september lifestyle

September is my favorite month. It's my birthday month, the weather cools down for jeans and sweaters, and the leaves begin to change to gold. I will always love September.

September marks my official launch of a new project 365: every day, from now until September 1, 2013, I'm letting go of something. Some days I might let go of a pile of somethings, some days I might let go of just one something. The hope is that with less somethings, I'll feel more serene.

Since my journey as a mama began in May, our house began to fill with a ton of baby things--onesies, books, swings, spoons, blankets--and I've been wanting to revive one of my favorite hobbies: living with less. Because here's the deal: most people feel like they need to move when they have kids because their homes are too small. But I don't think it's true. I think our home is small, but I love our charming bungalow. And I want to know: is it too small? Or is it too full of stuff?

So here's to a new adventure in living with less. How do you live with less?