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01 August 2012

{something wedding} some DIY projects

For Lissa's wedding, we created a TON of DIY projects based on inspiration from Pinterest. All of the tiny details really made a great impact. I can't wait to see the professional photos, but here are some that I snapped with my iPhone.
I created this bar menu using Pages on my Mac. The fonts I used are Claire Hand Light and Lady Rene for the text. And the flower design image was created using the font MTF Flower Doodles
Lissa and Molly made this wall of paper chains for the cake table backdrop. They hide the trophy cases at the reception venue:)
Our Mama found these mirrors at a garage sale her next door neighbors were having. Then Lissa spray painted them with a glossy white finish and painted the mirrors with chalkboard paint. I used my calligraphy skills to make signs for the new couple, guest book, cookie table, and gift table.
We needed to cover these glass windows behind the head table to make pictures look better {behind them were statues and office furniture}. We used the idea and tutorial from Heart of Light. I'm so doing this project again...soon.
Lissa set up a really cute photo booth with polaroids for her guest book. She even created scrapbook pages for people to sign right by their photo. It's really a great way to hold onto her guests and sentimental notes.
Place cards for the head table were mason jars. I just wrote names with a white paint pen. They didn't last in a permanent manner, which could be good or bad, depending on what you want.
Hopefully I will have another post about this last detail. Our family's Italian cookie table is a tradition. There were nearly 50 types of cookies that my Nonni, Mama, and great aunts baked for the event. We did it for my wedding, too. This is just a snapshot of the platter I took home with me:) It's a very yummy tradition.


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