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13 August 2012

{something pretty} stealing parker posey's hair

Johnny got me hooked on Louie C.K.'s show. I really think I like it. It's kind of like a more contemporary Seinfeld that's just as funny.

The other night we watched an episode where Parker Posey--whom I adore and find very funny--played a bookstore clerk Louie asked out on a date. And I was in love with her hair.

So, since my hair needs a lot of help these days--being a mama with long locks has its challenges--I decided to see if I could pull off her style. And it was a very quick success. I see this as one of my go-to hairdos for the year.

It was so simple: 1. I parted my hair down the middle. 2. I twisted my hair on one side right at my neck really tight.  3. I pulled the twist over my head like a crown and secured it with a clip. 4. I pulled/rolled my hair on the side over the twist and bobby pinned it. 5. I repeated the steps on the other side. 6. I removed the clips and bobby pinned my hair down on the top.

This took maybe ten minutes the first time. I just love how an unexpected delight can find you. If Johnny hadn't convinced me to watch Louie, and we hadn't decided to watch more than one episode, I would have never found this beautiful hairstyle.

Where have you found some delightful ideas that were totally unexpected?

xo. katie

P.S. Here's a pic of the inspiration.

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  1. Love the hair, it's beautiful! Louis C.K. cracks me up! In the car all I listen to anymore is 102.5, he's on there quite a bit :)

  2. I was bummed the other day when I realized I can't leave fresh flowers in my boyfriends apartment because he's allergic to almost everything. I found one of my leaf pressing books and thought "maybe I can use dried flowers instead!" Success! If I had never looked through those old books I haven't seen since high school I never would have had the idea.


  3. You look darling!!! I am always always looking for new things to do with me hair that are quick and easy. Every since I had Judah I don't have allot of time to style my hair or cut it! Its passed the middle of my back. My recent go to (what I have posted on my blog today) is two braids and I pin them up along my head like a crown :-) quick and easy

    1. Jess--This style is so similar to the two-braid crown. But you just pin twisted hair instead of braids. I am loving it.