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30 August 2012

{something handwritten} pentel arts sign pen

I started this series months ago: it's simple, it's short, and it's stylistic.

I love quotes. I collect them in all sorts of journals. My favorite projects are the projects that feature quotes, like my quote mugs and felt quote coasters. Today I am featuring a very "mama" quote from Albert Einstein.

This second pen I want to feature is one I've been using for a few years: the Pentel Arts Sign Pen. What I like about this pen is that the ink is beautiful. It flows smoothly without fading. I also like the thick tip. I usually use black, but it also comes in a beautiful golden yellow. I purchase my Pentel Arts Sign pens at ArtMart here in St. Louis.

When writing with the Pentel Arts Sign Pen, I love that I can write fast or slow. The ink moves quickly. It's perfect for writing in cursive and print. And it works wonderfully for doodling and drawing. It's my favorite pen to use when I am designing new ideas for watercolors. 


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