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10 July 2012

{something wedding} my sister is getting married

This is Lissa with the DIY wine glass.

This week, Penelope and I are home, in Kansas City, for over a week, to complete the last minute details for my sister Lissa's wedding. I am pretty sure the car ride from St. Louis--just me and a crying Penelope Belle--was the longest ride of my life.

I'm currently writing this post on my mom's iPad, wondering if I should buy one for myself when the tax free weekend rolls around in August. Any thoughts?!

The other night we celebrated with some bachelorette activities. And this week it's a lot of printing and DIY. My favorite DIY for the bachelorette party was the wine glass I made for Lissa with Sharpies. I was hoping they would stick like Sharpie ink sticks on coffee mugs. But it didn't work out. Next time, I'll be sure to use my trusted porcelain pen. And I will be sure to take better pictures. Having a newborn and working on a wedding feels like mission impossible. Check back later this week for some more wedding ideas and pics.


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