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03 July 2012

{something pretty} a farm photo shoot

Last weekend, Johnny and I went out of town. Again. With Penelope. We've traveled more this summer than any summer. I've posted pics of these two cuties before--Will and Gabbie, our dear friends' babies.

When I thought about another trip for Johnny to golf all day long, I just knew I had to fit in something creative for myself. So I offered to snap some more pics of these two. Will said I needed to take pictures of Penelope with my camera. And he's right. This shoot is far better than any shoot I've set up for her so far. It helps when someone else gets the kids ready. All I had to do was snap away.

Will and Gabbie live out on the farm. It's corn season {their corn is delicious!}, it's sunny outside, and there are tons of trucks and tractors to pose with. I can't wait to take some pictures of Penelope here when she gets a little older. I'm thinking in retrospect that a picture of her in the combine wheel below would be super cute right now. We're headed that way again this summer. I must not forget.


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