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05 July 2012

{something liked} some DIY favorites

Sometimes when you get an idea, it kind of feels like a bummer when you see someone else had the exact same idea. I was trying to think of a quick post idea, and I realized that there are a lot of DIY projects I'd like to tackle...by next summer.

I pinned a few of them, but I wanted to keep them lined up here on the blog. Elsie had the same idea. Her pins are July 4th inspired more than mine. Mine are just summer inspiration.


This DIY mesh bag at Design*Sponge is breathtaking. It really puts a contemporary twist on a modern summer essential. I really want to ask my mom to help me sew one...after my sister's wedding.

Elsie posted these awesome DIY shorts from Say Yes To Hoboken. I've had my eye on the gray AG jeans with white polka dots at Athropologie for months. But I refuse to buy such cute {and expensive} jeans right after having my baby girl. This DIY is the perfect solution. I'm wondering what would happen if I used a bleach pen to create the dots.

This journal cover from A Beautiful Mess is a DIY I want to create before summer ends. I'm thinking it will either be a cover for my new school planner or my polished writer's notebook.

 I adore these handwritten recipes as tea towels at Spoonflower Blog. I think they would make the perfect wedding gift for anyone special. It's for sure on my list of things for Penelope's hope chest! They would be perfect to set on the counter all summer long underneath baken cookies or the cutting board for our watermelon.

This last DIY from Brixton Life is the perfect game I want to create for Penelope. My hope is that I can create a few sets for her that are age appropriate. The first set will be basic shapes and colors. But then I want it to get more complex and detailed like this owl one I found. My ultimate goal is to design my own. I'll be thinking about that.

So since I don't really have the time to sit and create, I wanted to at least sit and accumulate. Do you have any favorite DIY projects collected in a list for summer days?