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30 July 2012

{something baby} week by week

One Week: So many early mornings and late nights with Mama in the nursery.
Two Weeks: Penelope loves being swaddled in the morning light.
Three Weeks: Such easy, sweet naps. Or milk comas.
Four Weeks: Wearing vintage family pajamas just after a bath with  her Grammy.
Five Weeks: After some mad crying and a bath, she finally rests.
Six Weeks: Penelope is loving laughter and smiles.
Seven Weeks: This was one of our best mornings yet--no tears, no screams, just smiles, songs, and snuggles.
Eight Weeks: I remember she had to get her two month shots this day. She cried so hard. I just held her, sang to her, and told her everything would be ok.
Nine Weeks: We visited Grammy and Nonno to prepare for her Aunt Lissa's wedding. She's wearing one of her favorite striped onesies and an Etsy headband from Aunt Lissa
Ten Weeks: We ended our stay in Kansas City. This bright morning we were calm, waiting for rain.
Eleven Weeks: A real, true smile. Just dancing and singing some Lady Gaga.
Twelve Weeks: After a very long car ride, Penelope made her first trip to the beach. She loves the sand and the ocean.
I can't believe my Penelope Belle is already 12 weeks old! I've been snapping a photo every week, adding text with Phonto. I've also been working on a special photo each month. And I'll share that project in May!


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  1. I have seen most of these on instagram but still looked thru them all again. She is too much! I'm not usually a 'baby person', but she is SO adorable!