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25 June 2012

{something photography} snapping shots of penelope belle

Baby Photo Tip One: Change the image to black and white by investing in quality photography apps. Learn how to use them.

I used to think my friends were crazy. Every day they were posting pics of their babies on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I thought: I won't be like that. And then our beautiful Penelope Belle arrived. And I realized the full capabilities of my iPhone photo apps.

So here's a challenge to myself--to post some tips I have for taking beautiful pictures of your babies. I'm trying to be selective about what picutures I post--and I think that my selection has been well executed based on the number of likes and comments the beautiful Miss Belle receives while I'm social networking.

I shot the image above with my iPhone's standard camera. Then I imported it to VSCO camera and edited it by changing it to Black and White. I also adjusted the fill and contrast and decided to crop the image slightly. You can see the before and after below. One of the easiest tips for making your baby stand out is to simple change the photo to black and white. It makes a world of difference.

I look forward to seeing your baby pics on Facebook and Instagram! Just tag me so I can check them out.

katie scarlett

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