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26 June 2012

{something photography} shoot at her level

Baby Photo Tip Two: Take the shot at her level. 

One of Penelope's favorite parts of play time is tummy time. She also loves just spreading out on her back, kicking bicycles, and stretching. It's funny . I see her stretching, and it's just like I imagine she stretched before she was born. I sometimes call her my little "womb weaver" or "dream weaver" because, if you don't know, Penelope is Greek, and it means weaver because Penelope tricked all of the suitors in her palace by weaving and unraveling a shroud every night. She was crafty on two levels, just like I know my Penelope Belle will be as she grows.

Back to the photo tips.

Get on her level. That means that if she's rolling away on the floor, lay on the floor with her. If she's sitting in her car seat, sit level with her. Aim that lens right on her level. It will always make for a beautiful shot. I shot the opening image in Hipstamatic.

Aren't her little baby leg warmers just the sweetest?


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  1. Tummy time was "torture the baby time" for Amelie! Glad Penelope likes it!