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02 June 2012

{something organized} vintage red kitchen storage

 I found a new thrift store in April. The deals there are incredible--vintage sheets are all a dollar, vintage photo albums are all less than two dollars, and these incredible containers cost $4 for the set. And I saw them on etsy a few weeks ago for $67. They sold. I didn't get the sugar container, but for a $63 savings, we're ok with that.

I decided to use them to clean up and organize the top of our fridge. I'm always trying to find better ways to organize and find space in our kitchen. These containers make it functional and pretty. I'm using them now to mostly store Vito's treats. In fact, one of them is empty.
I spotted this enamel bowl that same day for $4. It's the perfect shape and size to keep a bag of chips or other snacks.

It's pretty, don't you think?!

xo, katie

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