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13 June 2012

{something mailed and painted} penelope belle's announcements

I am so glad I painted and did most of the design work for Penelope's announcements before her arrival. We finally stuffed and mailed them last week. I decided to address them before she arrived, too. This was genius.

I ordered Louisiana stamps online because we are pretty sure she was made in New Orleans. If you don't order stamps online yet, do it. Shipping is only $1.25, the selection is endless, and there is never a line or number you have to wait to hear called.

I usually don't praise my work so glowingly, but I think these are my all time favorite announcements, ever. I can't wait to design more invitations for her over the years. I did forget to add a line, with love from Johnny and Katie. I hope I remember that next time.

mama katie scarlett


  1. These are so pretty, Katie! I hope you're framing one for her room!

  2. Beautiful. I promptly hung ours up on the pantry door (our refrigerator isn't magnetic on the front).