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29 June 2012

{something photography} adding text

Baby Photo Tip Four: Add Text

Before I start the photo tip, I want to go on record: we just purchased a baby sling. It is changing our lives forever. Miss Belle finally takes a morning nap. It's not a long nap--I still have to decide if I'm going to blog, fix my make-up, read a book, fold laundry, watch HGTV, or write a poem or thank you notes. Usually, I blog.

With all of the photos I've been snapping--I know, baby photo overload--I sometimes get the milestones lost in the millions. So I decided to start adding text to the photos I don't want to forget as firsts, memories, and milestones. I might not print them with the text when I order prints, but at least I can remember what I want to write on the back. It helps my fuzzy mama mind.

I really want to learn how to write on the photos using Photoshop. But I'm not there yet. That's why I adore the Phonto app on my iPhone. The font selection is unreal, you can change the color, and you an even add background colors. What memories do you want to write down?


27 June 2012

{something photography} keep shooting

Baby Photo Tip Three: Keep Shooting. 

It's good we're past the days of film. Don't get me wrong--I still love a good film camera. I own a Holga and two instant cameras. Plus I still love disposables. But the beauty of the digital world is that there are really no limits. So keep shooting. You'll get a lot of blurry and unpretty shots, but you will also be sure to capture the good ones.

Here are a few of the shots I took of Penelope one morning on our walk. You can see that the one above is just beautiful, but the ones below are only so-so. And don't forget to eventually delete the ones that aren't worth keeping. I've got over a thousand shots on my phone right now. And it makes finding my favorites a nightmare!


26 June 2012

{something photography} shoot at her level

Baby Photo Tip Two: Take the shot at her level. 

One of Penelope's favorite parts of play time is tummy time. She also loves just spreading out on her back, kicking bicycles, and stretching. It's funny . I see her stretching, and it's just like I imagine she stretched before she was born. I sometimes call her my little "womb weaver" or "dream weaver" because, if you don't know, Penelope is Greek, and it means weaver because Penelope tricked all of the suitors in her palace by weaving and unraveling a shroud every night. She was crafty on two levels, just like I know my Penelope Belle will be as she grows.

Back to the photo tips.

Get on her level. That means that if she's rolling away on the floor, lay on the floor with her. If she's sitting in her car seat, sit level with her. Aim that lens right on her level. It will always make for a beautiful shot. I shot the opening image in Hipstamatic.

Aren't her little baby leg warmers just the sweetest?


25 June 2012

{something photography} snapping shots of penelope belle

Baby Photo Tip One: Change the image to black and white by investing in quality photography apps. Learn how to use them.

I used to think my friends were crazy. Every day they were posting pics of their babies on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I thought: I won't be like that. And then our beautiful Penelope Belle arrived. And I realized the full capabilities of my iPhone photo apps.

So here's a challenge to myself--to post some tips I have for taking beautiful pictures of your babies. I'm trying to be selective about what picutures I post--and I think that my selection has been well executed based on the number of likes and comments the beautiful Miss Belle receives while I'm social networking.

I shot the image above with my iPhone's standard camera. Then I imported it to VSCO camera and edited it by changing it to Black and White. I also adjusted the fill and contrast and decided to crop the image slightly. You can see the before and after below. One of the easiest tips for making your baby stand out is to simple change the photo to black and white. It makes a world of difference.

I look forward to seeing your baby pics on Facebook and Instagram! Just tag me so I can check them out.

katie scarlett

21 June 2012

{something me time} I went to the salon

I left my baby girl with her daddy and a bottle for a few hours last Saturday when I hit the salon. I had the first appointment of the day so I wouldn't have to wait.

The tresses are a shade darker and all the same long.


17 June 2012

{something daddy} happy first father's day to Jv

Penelope wanted me to let you know, Johnny, that you are the best daddy in the whole wide world. She loves the way you talk to her like an adult, how you swaddle her just right, how you take her for walks, and how you'd let her nap all day long with you.

You are a wonderful daddy and husband. We love you.

Happy first father's day.


16 June 2012

{something one line} a journal

My friend Emily and I went out for pasta together back in the late autumn. We were both pregnant and giddy at a night out just the two of us, two waters, two giant bowls of pasta on The Hill.

She's the mama of two now, and she's very wise. She told me all about this awesome "One Line a Day Journal" by Chronicle Books.

It's perfect. Sometimes it so hard to have the time to write. And I don't want to create an awesome book for Penelope and not follow through for any future bebes. This is perfect. Believe me. Nowadays, sometimes it's even hard to remember one line.

We even brought it to the hospital with us, and Cheryl snapped these great pics. She loves it as much as I do!


13 June 2012

{something mailed and painted} penelope belle's announcements

I am so glad I painted and did most of the design work for Penelope's announcements before her arrival. We finally stuffed and mailed them last week. I decided to address them before she arrived, too. This was genius.

I ordered Louisiana stamps online because we are pretty sure she was made in New Orleans. If you don't order stamps online yet, do it. Shipping is only $1.25, the selection is endless, and there is never a line or number you have to wait to hear called.

I usually don't praise my work so glowingly, but I think these are my all time favorite announcements, ever. I can't wait to design more invitations for her over the years. I did forget to add a line, with love from Johnny and Katie. I hope I remember that next time.

mama katie scarlett

12 June 2012

{something changed} life as a mama

My baby Pea is sleeping on my shoulder. I'm typing with one hand. And I'm hoping my dear readers hang in there for when I find the time to post and create more regularly.

I thought that I might get away with a few glimpses into our life right now...
We started using prefold cloth diapers with Thirsties diaper covers over the weekend. Today is Day 4.

We read a story every morning. Routine is important.

We've arranged quick healthy snacks in the kitchen. Snacks are important.

We take a daily 2.3 mile walk. Richard Parker always joins us.

We have mastered the art of the swaddle. We are also mastering the art of patterns.

Mama and Pea

02 June 2012

{something organized} vintage red kitchen storage

 I found a new thrift store in April. The deals there are incredible--vintage sheets are all a dollar, vintage photo albums are all less than two dollars, and these incredible containers cost $4 for the set. And I saw them on etsy a few weeks ago for $67. They sold. I didn't get the sugar container, but for a $63 savings, we're ok with that.

I decided to use them to clean up and organize the top of our fridge. I'm always trying to find better ways to organize and find space in our kitchen. These containers make it functional and pretty. I'm using them now to mostly store Vito's treats. In fact, one of them is empty.
I spotted this enamel bowl that same day for $4. It's the perfect shape and size to keep a bag of chips or other snacks.

It's pretty, don't you think?!

xo, katie

01 June 2012

{something photography} fireplace photo garland

 One of my goals this year is to print and display more photos. Back in high school, I think I printed a roll a week. And those shots weren't even that good. But as the world turned digital, we stopped printing our memories. Now that I have my newer iPhone and Persnickety Prints, there is no excuse. These photos are always pretty.
Back in February, I made a Valentine Date Garland. I didn't want to take it down. But Valentines just seemed silly in April. And then I realized that photos would look great there. We can change them as the years go by. We already need to add some of Miss Belle.
katie scarlett