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07 May 2012

{somethings created} corner cottage update

I know that I will still find time to create once Baby Jupiter arrives. I always have time to create. But I also know that my time to create will be more limited.

A few weekends ago, I set a goal to get as many items as possible finished and ready to send off to The Corner Cottage in Dexter. I decided to leave my etsy shop on a bit of a hiatus, but if you see something you want, let me know.

These exciting items can be found at The Corner Cottage starting May 7th.

Vintage Button Pendant Necklaces in Cute Map Matchbox Packaging.

Vintage Poker Chip Princess Necklaces.

Vintage Button Rings.

Vintage Button Earrings.

Original Watercolor Art and Prints.

Greeting Cards for Birthdays, Hellos, Mother's Day, Graduation, and Father's Day.

I'm most excited about the greetings cards. Back in 1999, I thought I was going to make a career working for a stationary company. And, look at me now, it just might happen:)

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