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03 May 2012

{something today} the day before baby jupiter arrives

 I was thinking that our baby girl might wonder one day: 

"Mama," she might say. "Since you knew the day I would be born, what was the day before my birthday like?"
And I might say, "Funny you should ask that. The story is on my blog."

Let's just hope that my blog still exists someway somehow years from now.
The day before your birthday, I wore some of my favorite things: my pre-maternity phoenix shirt with the pretty peaches, oranges, yellows and blues; my yellow and white sunnies from anthropologie; my native american beaded barrettes from Wyoming; my silver and turquoise ring from Wyoming; my phoenix bueno bueno necklace, my saltwater sandals, and my AG maternity jeans {which I'm still waiting to get replaced because they are totally shot}.
The day before your birthday, I also did some of my favorite things: I ate strawberries, Frutty Pebbles, and peppermint tea for breakfast; I picked up sage and cilantro plants to join our basil and mint on the windowsill; I went to Target and found new candles in an aloe and waterlily scent; I organized the dresses and cardigans in my closet; I let go of a bunch of items "to sell at a garage sale"; I went for a long walk around the block, and it was very hot, while listening to my Pandora playlist "The Shins"; I took a long shower, styled my hair just the way I like it, and did my makeup just right; I went for a hotdog lunch date with Johnny {at his new favorite spot, Steve's}; I watched the Tuesday night episode of American Idol on DVR with Johnny; I picked up an order of greeting cards at the Ink Spot and packaged them to sell at The Corner Cottage in Dexter; I finished up an order for some custom quote mugs for my friend Emily to pick up; I went for an ice cream date with Johnny at Serendipity; I posted this blog entry; I bought a new camera app to snap photos of you; I updated Instagram shots; I talked to my Mama on the phone; I styled new leopard and teal sunnies that arrived in the mail; I organized new photo prints in my vintage Polaroid album find.
 The day before your birthday, I also had some thoughts about the future: I made one last thrifting adventure and found the perfect vintage sewing box--I can't decide if I'll use it for sewing notions or to keep paint. I had this image of us vacationing someplace with lots of rocks--like Wyoming--and we spent a rainy afternoon painting the rocks. I'd like to think we can use the vintage sewing box as our travel art box. We will create all sorts of magic and art.
And the day before your birthday, I finalized some necessary things: I finished packing my hospital bag; I tried to figure out how to buckle you into your car seat; I took a nap; I tried to find some paperwork for the hospital, but I have to hope I can complete it again when I arrive; I balanced our budget; and I waited for the hospital to call us.


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