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03 May 2012

{something tie dye} DIY tie dye onesie

Every little baby needs a tie dye onesie. It's like a right of passage. And this one is very simple. We can make tie dye outfits all summer long.

I used the s.e.i. brand of spray dye for this project because I didn't want to deal with buckets, salt, and hot water. The trick to getting the dye to be more vibrant is to work with wet clothing.

Supplies: white onesie, s.e.i. spray dye in your favorite colors, rubber bands, drop cloth, and gloves to protect your hands.

Step One: soak your onesie in water. Then wring out the excess water.
Step Two: starting in the middle of the onesie, twist the onesie around.
Step Three: spray the onesie with the dye as you twist.
Step Four: continue to spray and twist until you get a tight ball shape. Spray the rest of the onesie with dye and secure with a rubber band.
Step Five: allow the onesie to rest for a bit in this shape. Maybe about 15 minutes.
Step Six: unroll your onesie and allow it to dry completely outside.
Step Seven: set the dye in the dryer. The s.e.i. dye requires drying the dry garment for 20 minutes.


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