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04 May 2012

{something supper} pesto pasta salad improvisations from the pantry

Lately, I've been to the grocery store more than usual. But it seems like we still need to create something impromptu. I think it's because I have leftover ingredients from a supper that I didn't plan to use. Like these leftovers from our pizza ronza rolls: pesto and pepperoni.

It didn't take long to realize that a quick pasta salad was necessary. I had some white beans in the freezer {I always freeze them after I make a batch from a dried bag}, some string cheese in the fridge, and we grabbed some bowtie pasta at the store {usually a pantry staple}.
I boiled one and a half cups of pasta according to the directions, adding a half cup beans to the boiling water 4 minutes before the pasta was complete. Then I added around fifteen pepperonis, two sticks of string cheese {cut in cubes}, and about three tablespoons of the pesto. I would have added black olives, but Johnny isn't really a fan of olives. It also turns out he's not a fan of pasta salad, so next time I can add those olives:)

katie scarlett

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