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12 May 2012

{something story time} virginia wolf

Our sweet baby girl will always have enough books. I read this bedtime story, Virginia Wolf, to her before she was born. And we can't wait to read it to her again.

What I love about this particular story are the illustrations and the honesty of the story. It's a bit grown up, but I think that any baby willing to sit through the story will be fine reading it. What I like about the story is that poor Virginia is really sad, almost depressed. But her friend never stops trying to cheer her up. And the most delightful part of the story is that Virginia finally starts to feel better once she begins to create. It's the beauty of friendship and the therapeutic power of art that really draw me to the story. And, like I said, the illustrations are beautiful.

katie scarlett


  1. Start reading it to her now! The black & white contrasting colors are perfect for her little newborn eyes! She'll love it :)

  2. Thanks, Nikki! I'm reading a lot of nonfiction and poetry to her right now. It's full of sophisticated vocabulary, and it keeps us awake as we nurse. Hopefully we'll get to the storybooks soon!