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09 May 2012

{something sisters} lissa's visit

When we were kids, I called my sister Lissa, because I couldn't say Melissa. Now we call her Meliss, Mj, Missa, and she wants to be Aunt Lissa. I'm thinking it will work for Baby Jupiter.

A few weekends ago, before the baby arrived, Lissa and her fiance Brandon decided to drive over from Kansas City. And we made quite the busy weekend out of it. It was wonderful to see them.
For supper the night they arrived, we finally decided to try Molly's in Soulard. Lissa and Brandon love oysters, and Molly's has good reviews. Johnny--and Lissa and Brandon--also love cajun. Molly's did not disappoint on either front.

I ordered the shrimp and grits, and I really enjoyed them. Johnny and Brandon both found the jambalaya to be delicious, and Lissa said the etouffee was yummy. They all also loved the oysters. And though the beniets and caramelized bananas with a touch of ice cream at the end of the meal wasn't as great as New Orleans, it was still a nice treat to share.
After Molly's, we headed over to downtown Maplewood near our neighborhood to enjoy a few drinks at Boogaloo. And I couldn't help but snap this photo--it's Baby Jupiter's Due Date:)
The next morning, we headed over to The Hill. We needed to get six gallons of Sicilian olives for Lissa and Brandon's wedding. And there's no better Italian olive than one on The Hill. We stopped at DiGregario's. And they were short on their gallon jars. Instead, they sent us home with a five-gallon bucket. And I picked up a small container of Jordan olives, some San Mazano tomatoes, and some tuna packed in olive oil. I was hoping to get a few containers of truffle butter--but they were, sadly, not stocked for the week.
On the way home from DiGregario's, we stopped at my favorite bakery: The Missouri Baking Company. Lissa and Brandon were in heaven. I ordered a few pudding filled beniets, chocolate chip fig cookies {my all-time favorite}, and some assorted biscotti. Lissa and Brandon had so much trouble deciding. But I think they were happy with their assorted biscotti, pineapple upside down mini cake, and cupcakes.
Since breakfast was such an indulgent treat, we decided to make lunch late enough to count for lunch and supper. We headed out to Fast Eddies Bon-Air. I think Lissa and Brandon were skeptical at first since it took us forever to find a good table {we finally found a great spot on the third try}. But after they tasted the burgers, fries, hot-chick-on-a-stick, and ice cold beer, they were sold. Fast Eddies makes some good bar food. And you can't beat their prices--99-cents for a burger. It was too much yum!
And since we can never really just eat lunch that counts as supper, we headed over to Ted Drewes for an evening snack. It's a typical St. Louis treat, and it's right around the corner from us. Both Lissa and Brandon approved.
After that, we grabbed a RedBox, the Iron Lady, and headed home just to relax.

Thanks for the visit, sister. I hope you enjoyed your stay. I enjoyed our daily walks--they sure helped balance all that food:)


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