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05 May 2012

{something photography} guest post by cheryl

Trees | Photography

I am so excited to introduce Cheryl of Cheryl M. Photography. When I asked Cheryl to do a guest post, I was so happy when she said yes within seconds. She's captured some great photos of us, and I can't wait until she captures us and our home with our baby girl in June. She has a great eye. I'm happy to call her a friend. 

Here's Cheryl:

Hello!~  I am so honored and excited to participate in this post.  I adore Katie’s visions, creativeness and love for life.  I thrilled she thought of me to be a part of this project.  I am going to share a little about what I do with photographing families and children.
Incorporating trees in an image is a staple to my vision of photography.  I am always looking for big trees to diffuse light,  frame a shot and add to the overall dreamy whimsical-ness of the final product.  Before a session I scout the space I plan to use scanning for the light.  I note a few areas, snap a few images and start to piece together my vision for the session.  
Before the shoot I saw this space, took a quick snap and took note of how I could frame the family with the branches.  Once I placed mom under the tree I moved a bit to keep the low branch from coming out of her head.  Although the day was overcast the sun was to her back and left side.  Shot with a Canon 5d Mark ii and a 50mm 1.4 lens

 This next set of images was an idea that came to me and over a few months grew until I HAD to put it together.  Luckily my husband was really sweet to help me out and a few crazy warm January days opened a window of time for this session to take place.
Twilight is an amazing time for pictures and twinkle during twilight?!  Melt. Me.  This session is all about whimsy, magic and all things childhood.  We wrapped the branches in lights and hung mason jars (a tea candle in each) from the branches.  The sparkle stars were cut from the left over clothes boxes from Christmas, sprayed with adhesive and covered in sparkles.  The candle was meant to catch the glitter and illuminate the stars.  We (my husband) built a bench and covered it with a quilt for the kids to sit.  Twilight lasts a short time but when you do catch it is stunning.  Try shooting with a street light, landscape lighting, an additional off camera lighting source, it will light up your subject perfectly.  Shot with a Canon 5d Mark ii 50mm 1.4 and 85mm 1.8

Thank you so much for reading, hope you found a few tips to get your creativity going!  If you liked this post please head over and “like” my facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Cheryl-M-Photography/ and leave a note!!  To find more information about my work my website can be found here: http://www.cherylmphoto.com/
Peace ~ Cheryl M.

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