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27 May 2012

{something one hundred miles} the southeast missouri yard sale

Every Memorial Day weekend, southeast Missouri hosts a hundred-mile yard sale along Highway 25. I've missed it the past few years since I was working as a scientist-writer-teacher in Wyoming. But since there was no Wyoming this summer, there was time for the yard sale.  One year, I hope to go the full 100-miles.
Since Johnny's birthday is always right around Memorial Day, we are usually around. I will never forget the first time he took me. I was overwhelmed. I found the best picnic blanket for $3.
This year, I was able to escape for an hour with my friend Maddie. I had a list of items to search for, and though I didn't find much on the list--except some robin's egg blue Pyrex--I did come away with some awesome finds: a beach blanket towel with flowers for picnics at the beach with Penelope {25-cents!}, some floral containers for Penelope's treasures, awesome vintage trim for headband making {it was the score of the day--I got all three bolts for $6!}, a view master for Penelope, a pink comb and brush, two yellow gingham pillowcases, robin's egg blue Pyrex, and vintage office stickers.
I wish we could have had more than an hour, but I think I did enough damage with that mere sixty minutes. It was wonderful.

I hope you found some great vintage treasures on your Memorial Day weekend.



  1. I had to drive through the yardsale traffic to get to my mom's (she lives in Bernie and we're in Columbia). It was just a nuisance on my end, though, since we had lady cakes and didn't stop! Glad you got some good out of it :)

  2. Whenever I hear about lovely events like this, it makes me miss Missouri. I can only imagine what this would look like in California. Or the fight that would be had over a view master. Lovely finds!