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16 May 2012

{something olives and goat cheese} a quick trader joes supper

I always have Olive Tapenade in my refrigerator. Always. I really should make an effort to make my own, but for now, I like the Trader Joe's version.

For supper the other night, I didn't really feel like cooking. And, until we finished our walk, I didn't feel much like eating. But after a quick shower, my appetite was revived. Johnny was heating up the skillet to make an egg sandwich with some leftover bacon. An egg sounded good, but there was only enough bacon for one.

Looking into the fridge, this is what I saw: goat cheese spread and olive tapenade. Yum.

Most people might not think that eggs and olives go together. Most people also might not think that an egg belongs on a burger. Eggs belong in both places. Now, if you don't like olives, the egg isn't going to fix it. But eggs and olives go wonderfully together if you are an olive lover.

I simply spread Brummel and Brown on one side of the bread, then I spread the goat cheese and olive tapenade on the other side. Then I grilled my egg and each slice of bread. I think I could have stacked it all as a sandwich, but I decided to be fancy and eat with a knife and fork. It was yummy.

xo. katie


  1. Mmmmm. That looks good! We can get all of those things here. I'll have to give it a try.

  2. It's a delightful treat! Thanks for reading, Crystal and Stephanie!

  3. Mmm looks amazing...and I agree, eggs are just fine on burgers!