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21 May 2012

{something may} today is Nonni's birthday

Nonni is Italian for grandmother. Technically, it's nonna, but there's an affectionate or something lost in translation. We call my grandmother Nonni. Penelope is calling her grandfather Nonno, the Italian form of grandfather. We cant' wait for her to shout: "No-No Nonno."

Oh. Did I fail to mention? Baby Jupiter is here! Her name is Penelope Belle. She's the highlight of my life and Instagram {I'm katie_scarlett}, and she'll have a formal post soon.

Today I want to wish happy birthday to my Nonni. We've got a full month of birthdays this month:) May must be special.

Happy Birthday, Nonni. Your love is always so contagious. And your excitement for Penelope always brightens the day.


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