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02 May 2012

{something mama} what's in my hospital bag

I checked a few lists before packing my hospital bag. And I am pretty sure I packed too much. But it all fits in one bag, so I am ok with having more than I might need than less this time around.

I used this source to pack.

What's in Mama's Bag: nightgown, robe, pink bow, massage oil and massage tool, iPod with playlist, chapstick, prenatal vitamins, slippers, socks, makeup bag, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, toothbrush, hair ties, camera, headphones, sketchbook, my favorite peppermint tea, focal photo, baby book, birth plan, glasses, contact case, contact solution, t-shirt, hand lotion, perfume. We will need to be sure to also grab my wallet on our way out so that we have my insurance card and ID.

It's getting so close.



  1. I *love* your headphones, they are so cute.

    You can never have too much stuff! Better to not be wishing you had something that you *didn't* pack.

  2. Thanks, Steffy. And thanks for the cute necklace:)

  3. Today is the day, Yay!