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01 May 2012

{something let go} organized accessories

Waiting for this baby requires a lot of rest. And when I'm not resting, I need to be doing something. And one something that always seems to find me is organizing.

I finally tackled organizing my basket of accessories, jewelry box, and top dresser drawer. The key step in this organization was to have two boxes--one labeled, the "Goodbye Box"; the other, the "Keep Me Box."
I know I kept more than I should, but I let go of a lot in the Goodbye Box. I'm thinking of labeling it the 25-cent box if we have a much needed and desired garage sale this summer.
Now things feel much better. My favorite part was reorganizing the middle section of our top dresser drawer. I was able to keep and show off all of my favorite Anthropologie fabric bags. I love how they can hide keepsakes and secrets.

I also love how my favorite clutches and lace bras all fit so set well on the right side. And I even organized Johnny's side by simply rolling his unmentionables in nice rows. 

My jewelry box also looks nice and fresh, don't you think?

The finishing step was to organizer my dresser top. I decided to display my perfume collection on one of my Martha cake stands. The cake stand was in the dining room, but it was stacked on another cake stand. And, really, stacked glass cake stands just didn't seem smart with a baby on the way. I think it's much safer on Mama's dresser. I'm debating whether or not to bring the second one downstairs to use with the perfume I keep on my vanity with my make up. What do you think?

Hopefully I can find some time to post some of my other organizational adventures before Baby Jupiter arrives.


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