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29 May 2012

{something horses} flea market escape

My first week home, my charming husband said, "Aren't you going to the flea market?" when Saturday rolled around. I replied that I thought I was too exhausted. Then he said something I never thought my dear love would ever say, "You need to get out. Go to the flea market."
What was this? Johnny is encouraging me to buy vintage goods? The opportunity may never come again. So I headed out to the May Flea Market at Kenrick Plaza. It was refreshing. And I found some of my favorite things: girl scout patches, vintage diaper pins, a horse screen print with embroidery {I'm thinking of making a pillow case for Penelope with it}, a sweet flower tin I thought I could save for jewelry I would give to Penelope one day, and some vintage mint lace. It was a horse kind of day.

I even stopped at McDonald's on the way home for a fountain drink. It was blissful. I love my husband.

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  1. That sweet flower tin is the best. Sounds like you have a wonderful flea market.