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31 May 2012

{something herbs} coffee mug herb window

Summertime means herbs. They are simply the best. Each year, I make sure I buy my herb must-haves: basil, sage, cilantro, and mint. One year, I went all out at the farmer's market and had over ten herbs on the deck to water every day. These fabulous four sit inside, so I don't forget to water them.

The mint and basil came in great pots that allow the water to drain without spilling out onto the windowsill. However, the sage and cilantro do not. I didn't have any soil on hand to replant them, but I did have a few coffee mugs {I wish I had some cute vintage ones, but I am still searching!}.
I simply put the herbs in the mug. They've been going  strong for a month now. I just have to remember to dump out the water that collects in the mug once or twice week. My they are beautiful plants in the morning sun.

I might find some time to share some quick summer recipes for ways to use these fab four. My mint goes in my tea. That one is simple. I boil a pot of water at the start of each day. Then I pour it over a few tea bags with a few sprigs of mint. Yum.


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