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20 May 2012

{something back to basics} a clean sautee pan

 We pitched our potentially hazardous non-stick pan months ago. And though I found a healthier alternative on Amazon that provides the same non-stick benefits, we still haven't purchased it.

So we're using our stainless steel pots and pans exclusively with olive oil. Olive oil is healthy, and we use it sparingly, 1/4 teaspoon at a time. But no matter how I adjust the heat or amount of olive oil, I always get a really messy pan when I finish cooking.

Johnny does most of the dishes around here, but he doesn't do most of the cooking. So when he throws this dirty pan into the dishwasher, it only makes matters stickier. We've had the conversation: no stainless steel pots and pans go into the dishwasher. This also means, for now, that I scrub them. Because I care about them. So I decided to post this how-to for anyone {including my dear love} to get a stainless steel pan clean.

Here's the Before and After
Supplies: original Dawn soap {the dark blue one}, hot water, and a steel scrub brush.

Step-by-Step: if you aren't in a hurry, squirt a little Dawn into the clean pan with a cup of hot water, and allow it to soak overnight. After it soaks, give it a good scrub with the steel scrub brush. All it takes is some good elbow grease. If you have some extra stubborn spots, add more Dawn and scrub away. Rinse with cool water and dry.

See. That's simple.


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