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17 May 2012

{something back to basics} bar soap

 I was reading my Martha Stewart magazine, the April subscription, and I came across a great guide about healthier cleaning products in the final pages. And it got me thinking back to simplicity.

I ran out of shower gel right before I read the article, and I'd already switched to using a bar of Dove soap that I had in the linen closet. Then I found the perfect soap dish at an estate sale for a dollar, and the bar of soap that my dear friend Nikki gave us for Christmas fit perfectly. Finally, I could use my fancy soap.

So that's that: we're going back to basics with bar soap around here. There's so much less waste when it comes to the bar over the bottle. We always recycled the plastic bottles, but now we only have to recycle the cardboard boxes. Plus, bar soap is less expensive {usually}.

The only con I can see is traveling with bar soap. I have a bit of shower gel in my travel kit, but I don't know what I plan to do when that runs out. Do you have any ideas?

xo. katie

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  1. While I usually use shower gel, I am currently using "fancy" bar soap since I had no good reason for saving it. This is also the soap I use when I travel or shower at the gym. All I have to take is a plastic travel soap dish. Another bonus to this is that I can use washcloths instead of a shower sponge thing.