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01 May 2012

{something 41 weeks} the last maternity self-portraits

She will be here by May 4th. So this is it for my self-portrait sessions. I feel so much more satisfied with the photos using my new iPhone. It makes me wish I'd borrowed Johnny's to document her week-by-week. Oh well. Hopefully there will be a next time. And I will know:)
Johnny said he really liked the 40-week self portraits. So I decided I needed to post these, too.
I'm wearing my essential maternity leggings from Pea and the Pod. I bought two pairs, and they were very worth the investment. I even bought them in two different sizes, the Medium ones work better when I want them short; the Large ones were better with boots during the winter. I'm also wearing my favorite pre-maternity cardigan from anthropologie. The top is from Urban Outfitters, years ago, and I actually found it at Avalon Exchange in The Loop. I can't believe I almost let go of it last summer. I will never let this tank top go. It's the perfect maternity top, and I think it will be great for the beach. It's been a staple in my maternity wardrobe.


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