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21 April 2012

{somethings found} rummage sale score

The church right around the corner from us has the best spring and autumn rummage sales. I live for it. This year, I knew I wanted a quilt. So I raced to the lines section, grabbed all three on the rack, and gave them a good look over once I found a space to process my finds.
I ended up coming home with this one. It's the perfect size for our queen bed, I adore the chevron pattern, and though it needs to have some patching, it's perfect. At $10 it was the most expensive item I came home with--and maybe the most expensive item there--but I just love it.
I also found some vintage sheets and pillowcases. Each pillowcase, 25-cents. The fitted and flat sheet, $5. I'm saving the flat sheets for a special party on of these days:)
The ladle is something I've been searching for for nearly a year or more. It's the one kitchen supply we never registered for, but I always seem to want one. Did you know they are one of the more expensive items in the stores? And they are not easy to come by without rust at my local thrifts. This one is the perfect size, I used it last night, and it was only 10-cents. I might re-paint the handle.
I also found this beautiful blue Atlas jar for $1. I almost didn't grab it, but then I realized it might just be perfect for my collection mini cupcake liners. I was right. Every single one fit just right. And it looks perfect. I am still searching for the right jar for the larger collection, but this one fits perfectly in the pantry.

I came home with a few more items--some scarves for messy bun days, some glasses for morning smoothies, and a sectioned Strawberry Shortcake plate for the little miss Jupiter. It was a great afternoon. I'm trying to stay away this morning!

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  1. I love sitting in bed with my quilt and running my fingers over the stitching, it makes me feel at home wherever I am :)