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21 April 2012

{something vera} create and barrel reprint towels

I could easily spend a million dollars at Crate&Barrel. It was my favorite place to register when we got married. Weekly, I dream of registering again. My eyes are on a new set of pretty nesting bowls for my bread baking adventures. Though I am also still holding out for a vintage set of catherine holm or pyrex I can's pass up. I wish some one had saved my great-grandmother's pyrex bowls for me.

When the catalog came last week, I spotted these Vera reprint towels. I adore vintage Vera. I've been lucky enough to find a few scarves and a sheet in great vintage condition. And thought these towels aren't vintage, they were too perfect to pass up. Plus they were only $6 each.

They are perfect for setting over the rising bread dough. Now I just need to convince Johnny that we need new bowls!


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