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08 April 2012

{something suitcase} love letter storage

Jv and I lived six hours away from one another when we spent our first summer apart during college. And as a result we mailed one another letters frequently. We still write one another a short note here and there, and we always give one another cards to celebrate important parts of our lives. One of my favorites parts about my birthday and most anniversaries is that Jv always gives me a handmade card. I cherish all of them. I still think my favorite piece in the suitcase is the book of stories Jv wrote for me when he proposed.

I used to keep the love letters in a few different spaces, but I wanted them in something more special than a shoe box. When I spotted this train carrying case at a vintage spot I love somewhere between St. Louis and Dexter, I knew it was the perfect piece.

All of our love letters aren't in in yet, and I know that once we move to a bigger home we will have room for another suitcase to stack with it. But for now, it's perfect. I love opening it to stash a sweet note or just to cheer myself up on a really rainy day.


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