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10 May 2012

{something stocked} a trader joe's freezer full of suppers

My first week on official maternity leave sent me straight to Trader Joe's. I wanted to stock the freezer. I knew that trips to the grocery store with a newborn wouldn't be on the top of our list of priorities. And though I know we have many thoughtful friends and family that will bring us supper, it just feels nice to know we are prepared.

It was also a great excuse to buy {almost} all of my favorite frozen groceries at Trader Joe's.

I thought I'd share my favorite items that we stocked in the freezer. And some of the meals are in the pantry.
Collage One: Meat Lasagne, Meatless Meatballs {these are great alone, with a little sauce, with pasta, with gnocchi, with some sauce on a bun for a grinder, or on pizza}, Sweet Potato Gnocchi, Mushroom Ravioli with Truffle Sauce, and Edamame {the perfect lunch snack}.
Collage Two: The Fruits for Green Smoothies: Pineapple Tidbits, Mango Chunks, Flax Seed {I add a Tablespoon to each smoothie}, Raspberries, and Wild Blueberries {the same blueberries I use for blueberry muffins}. I also froze my own bananas and fresh spinach. We are set for great nutritious breakfasts. Yum. The only berry I should add to the mix is frozen strawberries.
Collage Three: Gnocchi with tomato sauce, Wild Mushroom and Truffle Flatbread, Country Potatoes with Green Beans and Mushrooms {this is good alone or with some added chicken}, Grilled Eggplant Milange {we'll eat this with quinoa and eggplant dip in the pantry}, and Spaghetti, Parmesan, and Sauce.

There are even some other items in the freezer that I made homemade and didn't take the time to photograph like black bean and green chili burritos, more raviolis, and breakfast sandwiches. Yum!

To keep track of what's in the freezer, I even made a print out for what we have. This way, Johnny knows and I know. After we eat an item, we can just check it off the list.

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