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05 April 2012

{something prepared} what's in baby jupiter's hospital bag

The hospital gave me a list of what to pack in our hospital bags. Then I did a little research here and here.

I packed Baby Jupiter's must have items inside a tote bag that's slipped inside my bigger bag. This is what's in her bag: two going home outfits, a princess and the pea sleeper and a handmade to thine own self be true onesie; socks; baby lotion; a muslin blanket; and a spritz of my baby day perfume.

For all you moms out there: is there anything else essential to pack for her trip home? The hospital will provide plenty of diapers and baby wipes. I've packed her baby book in my bag {for her sweet little footprints}. And her car seat is ready to go.

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  1. Sam actually needed quite a bit more at the hospital than I did (Swim trunks for JV would be good!)

    The only things I really needed/wanted out of my bag were lip balm and slippers. Oh, and my own good shampoo and conditioner.