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11 April 2012

{something polka dot} fabric paint dot onesie

I saw this idea via pinterest for an adult tank top, and I thought it would be perfect for a onesie. I used my Martha Stewart paints, and I added the fabric medium.

Supplies: fabric paints in colors you like, Q-tips, white onesie, cardboard to fit inside onesie, paint palette.

Step One: Place the cardboard insert in between the layers of the onesie. Prepare your paints.
Step Two: If you are adding a fabric medium, do this first, and mix it well.
Step Three: Dip your Q-tips in the paint.
Step Four: Paint polka dots vertically on the onesie. I made stripes using the colors gold, pink, mint, blue, orange, red, yellow, and black.

I think she's going to look wonderful in this one with a pair of baby leggings {which I plan to order soon!}. I just love building a sense of style for her.


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