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29 April 2012

{something just us} our last weekend just us

Johnny reminded me that this is our last weekend "just us" as we were driving yesterday. We wanted to make it special. We didn't plan anything out of the ordinary, but I wanted to capture and savor every moment.

We went for our 2.3 mile morning walks.

 We enjoyed lunch at Steve's on The Hill. It's great hotdog spot. Johnny had a Mac and Cheese hotdog; I had a Chili Cheese hotdog and a refreshing cream soda.

We picked up cupcakes at The Cup in the Central West End to celebrate Will's birthday with Shawn, Nicole, Gabbie, Matt, and Christopher.

I finished sewing and creating this pretty pillow doll for Gabbie. And I can't wait to create a set for Baby Jupiter this week.

We headed to Maplewood for supper with friends, but ended up just getting pizzas to go and enjoy at our place. It was the much better choice.

I took my time drying my hair and choosing a pretty outfit to wear for the day. And we survived the hail storm!

We had a Spurs Party.



  1. How interesting! I never thought of it that way--as the last time it will be just the two of you. It seems almost bittersweet in a way, but I'm sure once the baby's there you won't have to think about when it was just the two of you ; ]

    It sounds like you had a great weekend; and great pictures! Good luck with your delivery! : ]

  2. I will never forget the day before Emme was born. One of the sweetest days etched in my brain. Simple, but somehow, so very sweet. So glad you took time to enjoy one another. When times get hectic (and they will) remember how you felt together now :)

    Thinking of you!