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02 April 2012

{something home tour} baby jupiter's dreamland

We're hoping to have a more formal home tour after Cheryl takes our family portraits in May, but I just can't wait until then to post this delightful dreamland. I built {put together} the glider after it arrived yesterday. And the room is complete.

This is the sweet bunny I bought for her at Christmas time. I found it at Anthropologie--on sale--and it's so soft. It look so sweet with the quilt I handmade for her. You can find the quilt DIY here.

All of her powders, wipes, lotions, and other diapering needs are set and organized in this basket.

The crib sheets are so beautiful. This one is the chevron pattern by Dwell studio. Jv put the crib together--it was such a labor of love.

I had Michaels cut mattes to fit these perfect post cards I found in Italy. I picked up the frames at my favorite Value Village. I think that the storybook element of the postcards is just perfect.

The owl clock is from Italy, too. We perched him in the trees right above the rocking chair. We found him at a shop called Bartolucci, which is online. They have great products and amazing customer service. I can't wait to hit Italy again one day far away from now.

This Little Red Riding Hood Hook looks very European as well, and I think it's made in Germany. It's even dated 1976 on the back. I found it thrifting right after we discovered we were having a baby. We didn't know if we were having a boy or girl yet at the time, but I didn't care. I knew I would regret not buying it. I am so happy I found it and brought it home. The onesie pictured here is a DIY I have yet to post.

A basket of her toys. They are so pretty and bright. I can't wait to see her smile.

Here's a full view of the tree mural I painted. I want to post a DIY soon. I was very inspired by the aspen trees in Wyoming. And Jessica at vol25 did something similar in her RV makeover that I just loved. My supply list to create this darling mural was simple: acrylic paint, water, paint brushes, and a pencil. And lots of time.

We received so many books for her at a few showers. Plus Jv and I still have a few of our favorites from our own childhoods in prime vintage condition. We had our painter/carpenter go-to-guy Mike build these custom for us. I found the directions and DIY on Pinterest.

Jv surprised us with the bear rug for her at Christmas time. And though I really wanted an Eames rocking chair, this one is much more practical and comfortable. the Dwell studio blanket with the fox pattern was a gift from all of Jv's colleagues at work. We love it.

The moment Jv saw these whimsical squirrel prints, he sent me a link. Then he finally purchased them. We are searching for the perfect frames still, but they fit perfectly on top of her vintage dresser, which, for some reason, I will need to add to this post at a later date. The bunny hat came in the mail yesterday from LittleBirdLucy.

I hope you find it as magical as we do. She'll be here before we know it.


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  1. So perfect, Katie. And once she is here, the room will be complete :)