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18 April 2012

{something handwritten} my favorites pens and quotes

I am so exited about this new feature: it's simple, it's short, and it's stylistic.

I love quotes. I collect them in all sorts of journals. My favorite projects are the projects that feature quotes, like my quote mugs and felt quote coasters. Today I am featuring a very "Charmed Earth" quote by one of my favorite writers, Chuck Palahniuk.

I also love to write. Designing and creating new styles of handwriting is one of my favorite ways to pass the time on a rainy day. I love the beauty of a handwritten note.

The first pen I want to feature is one I've been using since high school: the Pigma Micron 05. What I like about this pen is that the ink is archival. I also like the firm tip. I usually use black, but it comes in a variety of basic colors like green, orange, blue, and red. You can even find some specialty colors like maroon from time to time. I purchase my Pigma Micron pens at ArtMart here in St. Louis.

When writing with the Pigma Micron, I prefer to write slowly. The ink doesn't seem to saturate the paper as fluidly when writing quickly, especially when the pen isn't brand new anymore. When I'm writing block and san serif styles, this pen works wonderfully.

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  1. I put a new quote every week on my board up here in the hallway. I am happy to see this quote because my quote this week is "Have your adventures, make your mistakes, and choose your friends poorly - all these make for great stories." - Chuck Palahniuk

  2. I love that quote. Thanks, Steffy:)