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09 April 2012

{something baby} DIY changing pad

I found the perfect fabric over spring break. It's designed by Amy Butler, and it's laminated. The moment I saw in on the nearly 6-foot bolt in the store, I knew I wanted to create something with it. But I didn't buy it.

Once I was home for a few more days, I thought it would be perfect for a travel changing pad. I just had to find a way to bind the edges. My only solution to that was to face one of my biggest sewing machine fears: binding. Fear faced, feeling accomplished.

5/8 of a yard of laminated fabric {you will only use half of of this}, 3 yards of binding {your typical package}, thread {I used silver and baby pink}, sewing machine.

Step One: Cut your fabric in half.
Step Two: Line your binding along the edge of the fabric, and place it securely on your sewing machine.
Step Three: Sew your binding along the edges of your fabric. Work slowly, lining up the binding along the edges as you go. When you get to a corner, fold your biding in slightly and reposition your fabric direction.

This changing pad is super cute and super light weight. And I know it will be used frequently when we aren't at home. Whether she needs changing on the floor, out at a restaurant, or at Grammy's house, she's going to need it.



  1. That is lovely! I love the pinks: wish I had a little girl. =) Boys are great, too, though!

  2. Thanks, Sadie. I am loving all things pink, too!