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13 April 2012

{something art journal} sevens and somersault swimmers

Here's another art and journal process for those of you working on your own art journals and dreams. I'm realizing that  I am putting a lot of myself out here with glimpses into my journal--I hope you don't mind the honest peeks into my writing.

Art Process: For this layout, I used the following supplies: vintage encyclopedia pages, washi tape, vintage graph paper, gelly roll glaze pen.

I love this page of swimmers and divers. I think the playful somersaults across the page are just beautiful, like underwater ballerinas. And the yellow color is one of my favorites. Since I didn't really like the writing on the page, I covered it up with some vintage graph paper. I simply attached the graph paper with some of my gold and white washi tape. 

Journal Process: Focus and structure with a number. I've been counting down the days until my leave starts with the baby. When I was working on this journal, I had seven days left. I'm a fan of numbers guiding a journal. You can easily choose any number--your age, your anniversary, your favorite, or even just the day of the week. Then I simply made a list of things I was most looking forward to in 7 days, repeating the number to add rhythm and style to the journal. You could also create a great countdown with this journal idea.

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