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14 April 2012

{something art journal} secret poetry

This is one of my favorite pages in my art journal so far. I like the secret element of it. I know it's just a simple poem hiding behind a thin slice of paper, no keys or locks, but I just love the mystery of it. It's like opening a present.

Art Process: For this layout, I used the following supplies: anthropologie magazine page, washi tape, gelly roll glaze pen in black.

I loved this anthropologie catalogue page--the wooden letters are such a vintage looking collection. I trimmed the page to about the same size as my journal page. Then I used washi tape on the top of the magazine page. I only taped the top of the page so that I could write a secret poem underneath it.

Journal Process: Some poems are so intimate that they need to be kept secret. This is, sort of, one of those poems. Shhh: it's up to you to keep it a secret. To write this poem, I paged through my writing journal and pulled out lines that I wrote in prose that seemed poetic. I collected them on a sheet of scrap paper first. Then I arranged them into a poem. It's funny: I've been trying to write  a poem about this friend of mine for over ten years, and I think I finally feel satisfied with how it turned out. So--give your unpolished writing a look and see what's hiding in there. You just might find poetry in the lines of your rants, rambles, and prose. 

katie scarlett

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