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06 April 2012

{something art journal} a new journey

I already know my next Art Journal will be in something more Vintage, like an old Nancy Drew or dictionary, but this Smash Journal from Art Mart helped me feel good getting started.

I created most of my layouts one night using a stash of supplies.

Here's my list: vintage sewing patterns, Anthropologie catalogs, vintage stamps and labels, washi tape, glue stick, dictionary pages, vintage story book pages, fabric scraps, scissors, x-acto knife, vintage cards, vintage book covers, business cards from art shows, stapler, pocket envelopes, vintage maps, date stamp, and whatever other ephemera you desire.

I've been stashing my supplies in a basket in my studio space, so it was easy to access everything once I was ready to start creating. This is my first art journal since the last one I created for my mama when I was in college. It feels so wonderful to have this back in my life.

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