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16 April 2012

{something art journal} goals and aspirations

I created a 29+1 list on my birthday this year to help me focus on what I want to accomplish as a 29+1 girl. I created one the year before that, too. I even posted the results.

Art Process: For this layout, I used the following supplies: anthropologie page, washi tape, glaze ink pen.
I wanted to use the rest of this great anthropologie page. So I kept the scrap and taped it with washi tape. 
Journal Process: Make a list of accomplishments. It can be a list of updates from a more formal list like my 29+1 list. Or it can be a list of small accomplishments that make you happy. You might list the things that make you happy today like slices of watermelon or a letter in the mail from your best friend. Or you might list the things that make you calm like the voice of Ryan Bingham or the look of tulips blooming in your garden. Be specific and just list.

katie scarlett

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