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15 April 2012

{something art journal} dreams and memories

Jv and I are both dream believers, believers in fate. We both had dreams that Baby Jupiter was a girl before the doctor's confirmed it. I even dreamed her hair was pink and in pigtails. We've always known she was a girl. We didn't question the world of dreams.

Some days something happens that I never want to forget. A few nights ago, on our evening walk, Jv told me he had a dream. He dreamt we were at the hospital, and our sweet baby girl was born. But he wasn't there on time.

He rushed and rushed to be there, and when he arrived he had two questions:
"What day is it?"  he asked. The doctor replied, "April 17th."
"How much does she weigh?" he asked. The doctor replied, "8 pounds."

Art Process: For this layout, I used the existing page in my SmashBook, opposite the secret journal page. I wanted something simple because I wanted the writing to stand out.

Journal Process: Document a memory you don't want to forget. Burn the details onto the page--the color of the sky, the words spoken, and things that you don't want to forget. And let the things and details tell the story. 


  1. I can't wait to know if your dream comes true. Are you on your leave now?

  2. Yes! Leave begins Monday:) Hopefully the blogging can continue to be plentiful:) xoxo

  3. The 17th is Tomorrow!!

  4. I forgot to mention in the first post that 8 is my favorite number :) Morgan was 8lbs 8oz born on 8-18!!