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03 April 2012

{something anthropologie} pretty match book DIY

I usually don't sign up for store catalogs. It's kind of against my whole Charmed Earth motto. But one catalog I look forward to--that I signed up for years ago--is my Anthropologie catalog.

The other night, I stared at some of my favorite pages. And then I noticed my stack of match boxes. And then I created the prettiest project: anthropologie match boxes. I also created some with my stash of vintage maps.

Supply List: magazine pages with patterns you love, vintage maps, vintage fabrics, etc.; glue stick or sticker maker; match boxes; scissors.

Step One: Choose your paper or fabric and feed it through your sticker maker. If you don't have a sticker maker, use your glue stick.
Step Two: Push the matches out so that the boxes aren't lined up.
Step Three: Place your image on the match box.
Step Four: Trim your image.

I think these will look so sweet with a candle for a gift. Or just stacked in the powder room. They are also the perfect gift box for a handmade necklace or set of earrings once the matches are gone.

Enjoy creating.


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